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Hello! My name is Melissa. I have been a member of dating site POF for quite a long time. I met my husband there and there is no necessity to use now. However I have got fond memories of this wonderful website. It seems to me that it helped many people to find their love. Thatís why I decided to create this site. This is the site for people who were the members of dating site POF. Letís share our love stories, life experience, our feelings and emotions. Letís communicate and give advices to each other and to those people who are trying to find their life partners. On this site you can also find information about POF evolution in pictures, history and new trends of its development. There are also videos about PlentyofFish and Markus Frindís biography. Iíll be extremely happy if our community will develop and I am waiting for your stories and comments.

Pros of POF
The fact that people all around the world found their love with POF means that this site has made a great contribute to a human society. You can make your messages and positive comments about online dating site Plenty of Fish on this page of our fan site. I am sure that stood many men and women in good stead, thatís why they will be share their emotions and thoughts with pleasure and compare Plenty of Fish with other personals and dating sites.

Cons of POF
POF has got not only positive sides but negative ones as well. Here you may write what you donít like about Who knows, maybe your complaints will be regarded by Markus Frind. Anyway, itís not a good idea to keep negative emotions for you only. As my grandmother always told me there was much use in sharing thoughts with other people.

Life stories
This is the most touching part of this site. Here weíll place life stories of POF`s members. If you have something to tell, Iíl be ver glad to add your own life story to the chapter. Besides, it will be interesting to read not only love stories but also something funny and amusing happened to you. Send us your interesting stories connected with the website POF this or that way.

POF Ė Website History
POF is one of the largest and the most popular online dating websites in the world. The number of its users prevails 40 million people. Unlike lots of other matchmaking websites, which charge fees for the services they offer, POF is ultimately free, which makes it a number one choice for singles across the world. However, some features it provides require fees for quick access, but these payments are not too high. The website is primarily popular in the UK, Canada, the US and Australia.

Markus Frind's Biography
There are hundreds of online dating services that enjoy popularity with single men and women all over the world. POF (Plenty of Fish) is one of such websites, which has millions of users in Canada, the US, Australia and the UK. This dating site was launched in 2003 by Markus Frind, a Canadian citizen, who was born is 1979 and got his Computer Systems Technology diploma in 1999. Having graduated from British Columbia Institute of Technology, he worked for a number of dot com companies.

Evolution in pictures
To do something great you have to make small steps. So did the team of Plenty of Fish. That site had quite different look earlier. You can see how the main page of has been changing from year to year. Look at the evolution of POF design.

Video about POF
There are the funniest, cutest and simply the most interesting video clips about POF.

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Iíll be waiting for your mail with life stories, comments and your propositions.

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